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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Custer Adventure: Legion Lake

Costumer and amateur sleuth Merritt Andrews and her Custer Playhouse friends spent a lot of their free time at Legion Lake.  This family-friendly destination is the perfect mountain hideaway...Murder in Custer State Park

Legion Lake Area:
Relax in the Old West charm of Legion Lake.  Located along Galena Creek, Legion Lake Lodge dates to 1913, when Custer State Park was a game preserve in Custer State Forest.  The area was leased to the local American Legion post - hence the name 'Legion.'  Legion Lake is a laid back oasis, where you can swim on a lazy afternoon and go hiking on the rocky 'Legion Loop.' 

Accommodations include the Legion Lodge cabins, set back in a Ponderosa forest, overlooking the shimmering lake.  The Legion Lake campground is a perfect spot to pitch a tent and ignite a campfire.

Legion Lake Lodge's Dining Room has affordable home favorites, including hearty breakfasts, delectable lunches of sandwiches and burgers to scrumptious steak dinners with house wine.  Land O'Lakes ice cream and homemade pies placate any sweet tooth.

The Legion Lake General Store (attached to dining room) has lots of souvenirs and camping gear. 

- Hiking: Legion Lake Loop and Centennial Trail
- Theatre: The Black Hills Playhouse is only a few miles from Legion Lake on Highway 87 North.
- Badger Clark's Badger's Hole Cabin...
- Swimming and Water Recreation

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