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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Iron Mountain Road Adventure

In Murder in Custer State Park, Merritt and the Playhouse cast and crew wind up the Iron Mountain Road for a performance at Mt. Rushmore...

The Iron Mountain Road is a journey that defies gravity, twisting and turning through stunning extremes of awe-inspiring mountain vistas, rock hewn bends and breaks, dizzying spins...The seventeen mile road at its core is an engineering marvel traversing through God's architecture, nature's unbridled beauty.  Prepare for to be inspired on the journey of The Iron Mountain Road.

The Iron Mountain Road, known as 16A, is a seventeen mile stretch of the northern area of Custer State Park that connects to Mount Rushmore. This road was sited by Peter Norbeck and Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum.  It was designed to offer top views and perfectly visualized angles of the landscape, framing Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.  This is a road meant to be driven at a slow pace, so you can enjoy each and every breathtaking moment of drama.  You cannot speed without imperiling your life.  In its seventeen miles, the Iron Mountain Road has 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 pigtail bridges, 3 tunnels, wildlife, and 2 splits, all leading to four presidents carved into stone as a testament of Dakota's ancient hills and the foundation of our nation.

Camp or book a hotel in Custer, then carve out a day to take the Iron Mountain Road to Mount Rushmore, tour the Memorial and check out Keystone.  It will be a day you won't forget.

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