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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Shadow of Harney Peak: Sylvan Lake

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Sylvan Lake Escape
Looming high, conversing with the clouds, Harney Peak rises as a great mountain of granite.  It is the tallest peak east of the Rockies and west of the European Alps.  In the shadow of Harney Peak you'll discover the jewel of Custer State Park, the tranquil resplendence of Sylvan Lake. 

The lake was created in 1881 when Theodore Reder built a dam across Sunday Gulch. In 1885 the original Sylvan Lake Lodge was built as a Victorian style edifice, overlooking the sparkling shores of Sylvan Lake.  After the hotel burned to the ground in 1935, the current lodge was erected to mimic the natural landscape.  Architect suggested the location of the current hotel to highlight the scenic beauty, his style influence was woven by the architecture team, making this elegant hotel, inviting, peaceful and naturally inspiring. 

The Sylvan Lake Hotel takes you back to the days of Grand Lodges.  It has rustic splendor, offering excellent views of the mountains and lake.  It's dining room is known for locally inspired fine-cuisine.

Sylvan Lake is a headquarters for recreation.  In hot summer days, visitors fill the lake, cooling off in the clear waters.  Kayaking is a popular activity on the lake as well.  There are a plethora of hikes in the Sylvan Lake area, whether you desire to scale Harney Peak or amble along the otherworldly, supernatural-like granite cliffs lining the lake.  Scenes of 'National Treasure 2' was filmed at Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake is at the northern end of The Needle's Highway, making the drive to Sylvan Lake from other areas of the park all the more magical.

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