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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Playhouse Mystery: Gingerbead Theatre

One of the most festive ways to celebrate the holidays is with a Gingerbread House.  The creative possibilities are endless, from a traditional Hansel & Gretel Alpine Style to a cozy gingerbread cabin, small ornaments decked in royal icing and gum drops to lofty monuments. 

A fun way to spice up your gingerbread house is to recreate your favorite story in the magic and innovation of gingerbread architecture. 

For a Playhouse Mystery-Murder in Custer State Park theme, design a playhouse of gingerbread, using edible props (and non edible props - like miniature pews, people...) can have Bison shaped Gingerbread cookies on the snow covered grassy patio leading to the 'Custer Playhouse.' 

Want a Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookie recipe, check out my other blog:

Here are some links to get you started on your Gingerbread House journey...candies, marshmallows, crackers, pretzels are good for shingles and accents...

Basic Gingerbread House Recipe

Some more Gingerbread patterns:

Buy a kit:
Michaels, JoAnn are good places to start...

King Arthur Flour PDF on Gingerbread Houses:

Look at pictures on Pinterest to ignite your creativity and trade ideas for how to decorate and construct your gingerbread house.

Go on YouTube for how to build tutorials for Gingerbread Houses

Martha Stewart Ideas

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